(Welcome, this game is in early prototype version, it will be updated every week so please have this in attention before commenting. Even so we would love your feedback. From the Dev team. (Build Version 0.4)

Warning: if the builds is taking to long to open is normal, it seems that itch takes some time for our game to create the tiles and then set them in a circle mode and finaly set the camera. Waiting 2-5 minuts with the the game open should make it work.

The world is coming to an end because Pandora, the beautiful curious evil, opened the jar/box that was gifted to her by creators, and all human behaviors have escaped, affecting all living beings.

“Chaos is everywhere, even the Gods are weakened..!!!They've to react somehow!”

That’s why each mythology’s God came to Earth, and are now competing with each other to collect Human behaviors (virtues, vices and taboos) that are affecting the World;

To regain their strength and have control over that amazingly powerful weapon, the Pandora’s Box/Jar.

Gods fighting Gods for God’s sake

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